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Mojo Coffee Cartel - core story

In the early 2000s, Steve Gianoutsos bought a coffee roaster then rang his wife, Julie, to tell her he’d done exactly that. Julie told him that he didn’t know how to use a roaster, but with six weeks until his first store was due to open, Steve backed himself to learn. And he did.

Mojo now has more than 35 stores worldwide. Starting in Wellington in 2003, it quickly spread. It has 32 stores across two of New Zealand’s major cities, and international locations in Japan, China and Chicago, opening its second Chicago store late in 2018. While each store is unique, so too are the operators. Mojo partners with passionate and experienced senior staff members to operate the cafés. Each café is a collaboration between Mojo and an architect meaning each space is designed specifically for the location that Mojo is operating in.

Mojo Coffee employs more than 250 people worldwide, and serves nearly 70,000 cups of coffee every week.

About Mojo USA

Mojo opened its door in Chicago in early 2016, excited to share its coffee culture. Founded as a boutique roastery café in New Zealand by Steve and Julie Gianoutsos in 2003, Mojo Coffee is now one of New Zealand’s most experienced independent coffee roasters and café operators.

Mojo serves New Zealand style speciality coffee in a beautiful space so customers can connect and maybe stay a while. Things are done a little differently; beans are freshly roasted, espresso is expertly extracted and milk is carefully poured. Customers can enjoy a glass of complimentary sparkling water while Mojo staff bring their coffee to them.