If sir is Google and more is domain authority, this blog will give you some ideas on how to raise your score so your content gets found on the first page of search results.

I explained in this post about what domain authority is and why we need to care about it. So here are my top 5 super easy things you can do to increase that authority.

1) Clean up the toxic links. Go to moz.com and use their free URL checker for all the links that point to your site. Moz's link checker is brilliant because it tells you why a link is bad and how to get rid of it.

2) Get some good links.  Ask people in your industry if you can write a guest post for them and then have their site point to yours for more reference on a subject.  Google rewards good linkage, especially if it's industry related.  Also, because Google is the smartest of them all, it understands the sentiment and authenticity of a post, so if a site with a high domain authority is throwing your site some shade, that will reflect in your domain authority score.

3) Check your site health.  This post from Moz back in 2010 still has some good pointers, that will help you learn how to clean up your site and have it squeaky clean to attract lots of lovely domain authority points.

4) Run a social media audit and delete all the dead, unloved and untouched profile pages.  Get a social media strategy, and get active with sharing your content through those channels to your audience as fresh, new traffic sources like what you might get from a specked up social platform activation, are like domain authority raising gold.

5) Focus on preparing high-quality content.  Avoid nonsense blog posts and posts with errors.  Long-form, explainer type content that is helpful and useful for a reader will be rewarded. As will preparing content in a form that your audience will benefit from. A well researched content plan makes all the difference in knowing what and why you're spending the time writing.

Lou Draper is Managing Partner of Draper Cormack Group and a public relations veteran. Originally from Auckland she is now living, working and breathing public relations, personal brand and content curation in Wellington City.