Some of you may know, some of you may not that we run (ran) - a blog/news site for Wellington's tech sector.

Well our ambitions have grown. And we've re-branded it to New Zealand-wide. So now it's; and we didn't just stop there, we also made a sister site for it too - because we wanted to include everyone.

What we're keen to get from everyone is your news. We know that getting coverage for things can be hard because the media is under-resourced, meaning reporters only really get time to focus on the big stuff.

Our "what is" sites will be your home to find out what’s going on in the business and tech sectors in our beautiful wee country. Announcements, product launches, appointments, this is where they’ll live. We'd also love guest posts from you, Op Ed styles, on whatever you think is relevant.

Some stuff will be relevant for both whatisITnz and whatisBIZnz and some won't. That's cool. We'll decide. And no this doesn't mean you've signed a contract to use us as your supplier, we're just hoping to turn these sites into newsrooms for the stuff that hasn't made it to the mainstream media. Of course if you do decide to use us as your PR and communications supplier then we're OK with that too.

We also run the "Who is IT" series, where we've been profiling people in the IT sector. We'll now be rolling that out to the Biz site too - so there'll be a "Who is BIZ NZ" section. If you're keen to take part, get in touch with us - either email Lou or David and we'll set it up.

All in all, it's an exciting time.