Back when twitter was first getting off the ground, there was huge backlash from companies trying to engage with it. 

"What will I tweet about?" was a common question. It seemed that, similar to blogging, people had no idea what they would use the twitter channel for.

To be successful with twitter, like all other social platforms, you need to plan your communications and content ideas first, before trying to use a social platform. A bit like when you're cooking dinner, you don't select a fry pan, and then wonder what you're going to put in it. Usually, you'll have planned or selected what you'd like to cook, and then found the appropriate equipment with which to proceed.

Same with social media channels. There are so many different platforms and communities where your audience hang out. And while you'll want to consider your content to be promoted through the right channel (you probably won't use a fry pan to steam vegetables), you need to start with the content first, then the audience, then the social channel.  What have you got to say, to which group of people, via what channel.

Having a content plan already done in advance, means you know exactly what you're supposed to be writing about, who you'd like to see it, and what channel you're going to promote it through when it's done. Your content plan will also direct you to crafting your tweet or other social post so that it has meaning and purpose for being there. Fancy that. Your content and social media promotion has purpose and is positively contributing to what people want to read about.

All it takes is a little planning, and we can take care of that for you quick smart. Ping us for a chat about how to get started with your content plan this year. It's easy when you know what's up.

Lou Draper is Managing Partner of Draper Cormack Group and a public relations veteran. Originally from Auckland, she is now living, working and breathing public relations, personal brand and content curation in Wellington City.