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Data Ventures - core story

Data Ventures is a data brokerage. It is the commercial arm of Stats NZ.

By being a data brokerage, Data Ventures provides complete, confidentialised and affordable data-sets not normally available to customers.

Data Ventures is able to bring together open government and private commercial datasets. These are datasets that people have previously not had access to, and will enable organisations to make powerful data-driven decisions.

Data Ventures will use Stats NZ IP to layer over the top of datasets it gets from suppliers. With Stats NZ’s expertise, Data Ventures’ impartiality and these datasets, Data Ventures has an offering that’s never been done in New Zealand.

Because Data Ventures is the commercial arm of Stats NZ, it is able to return value back to the suppliers of the data sets, bringing competing data sets together often for the first time, while also being trusted to handle the privacy demands of the data sets.