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Mojo Coffee Cartel - core story

In the early 2000s, Steve Gianoutsos bought a coffee roaster then rang his wife, Julie, to tell her he’d done exactly that. Julie told him that he didn’t know how to use a roaster, but with six weeks until his first store was due to open, Steve backed himself to learn. And he did.

Mojo now has more than 35 stores worldwide. Starting in Wellington in 2003, it quickly spread. It has 32 stores across two of New Zealand’s major cities, and international locations in Japan, China and Chicago, opening its second Chicago store late in 2018. While each store is unique, so too are the operators. Mojo partners with passionate and experienced senior staff members to operate the cafés. Each café is a collaboration between Mojo and an architect meaning each space is designed specifically for the location that Mojo is operating in.

Mojo Coffee employs more than 250 people worldwide, and serves nearly 70,000 cups of coffee every week.

About Mojo USA

Mojo opened its door in Chicago in early 2016, excited to share its coffee culture. Founded as a boutique roastery café in New Zealand by Steve and Julie Gianoutsos in 2003, Mojo Coffee is now one of New Zealand’s most experienced independent coffee roasters and café operators.

Mojo serves New Zealand style speciality coffee in a beautiful space so customers can connect and maybe stay a while. Things are done a little differently; beans are freshly roasted, espresso is expertly extracted and milk is carefully poured. Customers can enjoy a glass of complimentary sparkling water while Mojo staff bring their coffee to them.

There are some ambitious expansion plans in place to open a further 24-25 stores in Chicago over the next five years, as well as scope for expansion in another 2-3 cities.


Mojo recognises that it needs to be a good corporate citizen. To that end it is actively working on having a smaller environmental impact and partnering with key organisations. These things are not done for Mojo to gain kudos or show off but rather because they are the right thing to do.

That said, people should also know about the work that Mojo is doing in these spaces. So Mojo is adding two sections to its website, one on sustainability and one on its partnerships. This is not done in a bragging way, but in a matter of fact way. This document is the copy that should be used on the Mojo website.

We can all do our part to make sure we look after the environment. From going to the supermarket with a reusable shopping bag to using public transport or cycling instead of taking the car. Mojo is working towards being a cleaner, greener business by doing the following.

Commercially compostable cups and lids

Mojo uses Innocent packaging for its takeaway coffee cups, lids, straws and other takeaway packaging. In some of the Mojo cafes there are bins for people to dispose of their takeaway cups and lids. The cups and lids are commercially compostable and the bins are regularly collected and taken to a commercial composter.

All Mojo’s cups, lids and cold drink cups are 100% made from plants.

For the better good water

We need water for our wellbeing. Sometimes, we buy this in a bottle. For The Better Good has created a plant-based bottle made from renewable resources that can be safely reused. In some Mojo cafes there are now collection boxes that people can also return their bottle to. These boxes are emptied regularly to ensure that any returned bottles are either repurposed or composted, never becoming waste. For a full list of their nationwide collection sites, follow the link below.


Ecotricity is a carboNZero certified electricity provider. This means that all emissions are measured and offset. Mojo switched to Ecotricity for the majority of its cafes in 2018. Since then Mojo has saved over 64 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Again Again

Mojo is the major partner of Again Again, a cup lending service that completely eliminates single use waste from the coffee process. When you order a takeaway coffee and ask for an Again Again cup, you pay a bond deposit of $2.50 for the cup, or $3 for the cup and lid. When you return them inside two weeks, you get the money back.


Mojo works alongside numbers of organisations throughout New Zealand to help make this a better country.

Neonatal Trust

Mojo has provided coffee for the neonatal team and raised tens of thousands of dollars through its phone collection, cookie campaign, gift baskets and other initiatives. This relationship has been going on for more than a decade.

World Vision

Mojo had bought coffee beans from Vanuatu and was the owners of the last remaining beans on Tanna island. It sold the last of the Vanuatu beans in store and all proceeds went to the World Vision project in Vanuatu. Mojo continues to work with World Vision, with a coffee specialist providing knowledge to coffee farmers to help them provide high quality coffee beans to compete in the speacilty coffee market.

Wellington Free Ambulance

Wellington Free and Mojo have worked together for nearly five years now. Wellington Free gives discounted first aid training for many Mojo staff so they know what to do in an emergency, and Mojo provides coffee to the central paramedic station in Thorndon.


DCM – formerly the Downtown Community Ministry – has been working in Wellington since the 1960s. It’s mission is to focus on the needs of and to help empower the marginalised. Mojo’s partnership with DCM is still quite new, having begun in 2018. All unused coffee is donated to DCM as well as free on-loan coffee making equipment so people can enjoy a hot coffee when they arrived. All unused café equipment is also donated to help people moving into a home.