We take a personal approach to media relations. This means we reach out directly to journalists we have close relationships with and tell them your story instead of just firing out a press release to millions. We find we get a much higher success rate this way.


We can identify and organise meetings with the right people in parliament and attend with you if you'd like. We'll coach you beforehand and help you prepare to get the most out of your government relations. We'll even advocate on your behalf if that's what you want.


The media is one way to get your story told publicly but there are a range of other methods too. We use the PESO model for content and maximising the number of eyeballs that see it. If relevant, we can write and maintain a Wikipedia page for your organisation. We make the most of any opportunity to help raise your profile in a way that will improve your reputation and possibly lead to more tangible benefits.


We built Awards Hub, a single site where you can find out what awards you're eligible for around New Zealand and what categories you can enter. You can go straight to the award's website and enter or if you need a hand we have a very good track record of helping organisations become finalists in awards. Check out


We write strategies for all communication functions because planning ahead is better than being caught on the hop.

Communications that are not ad hoc and have purpose are far better for you and your organisation. We’re experts at communications strategies, government relations strategies, content strategies (include blogging) and social media strategies.


We'll be your defensive line if you ever need it, and we'll practice with you so that should you need it you'll be ready to roll. Though it's unlikely that you will face a major crisis, it's better to be prepared for the worst and it never occur than to not have a plan in place and be caught unaware. We can run scenarios to rehearse a crisis and if the worst does happen we're here 24/7 to help.


It's one thing to know you have to blog and have an active social presence, but quite another to share purposeful content that achieves your business goals. We'll research useful topics for you to blog about - or display using a different medium e.g. Infographics. We will build you a calendar for publishing and we’ll show you where to publish your blog and content and what social channels to use.


It's good to know what people think of your company. We take the awkwardness out of it and provide you with valuable insight. We can audit your reputation with the stakeholders who mean the most to you. We'll provide you with a report that includes quantitative and qualitative analysis. We'll identify gaps or problems and make recommendations on how to solve them.


We will be your scouts out front telling you what's coming so you're always prepared. We will become as knowledgeable on your industry as you are. We'll keep an eye out on what might be coming down the line that would impact your business and advise you on how to respond or plan accordingly.


Knowing what is important to you and your organisation is a great foundation to lay before communicating outwardly. Working out the tone of voice for your company is easy with our fun and interactive brand workshops. You’ll be able to understand where employees see your company and where they want it to go with our facilitated sessions.