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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Draper Cormack Group Limited terms and conditions

Here are our terms of trade.  It's all reasonably standard, but if you're working with us, you should probably take some time to read through so we're on the same page.

1 What some things mean

1.1 We aren’t in the business of teaching you to suck eggs, but just so we’re totally clear, here’s what we mean when we say:

"Draper Cormack Group" and "DCG" means Draper Cormack Group Limited – that’s our registered company name and DCG is our acronym when we get tired of typing “Draper Cormack Group” out in full.

"Client" is you. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re the person who we’ll be working with. You’ll also be the person we contact if things are going pear shaped (really unlikely) or if you don’t pay your bill (we hope really unlikely) on time. “Client” is probably the person that has signed our Quotient agreement, saying you understand our terms of trade.

"Services" means the work we (DCG) do that you’ll pay us for. “Services” could be a strategy, some media relations, representation or guidance of some kind.  It’s what we agreed we’d be doing with you.

2 Acceptance of work

2.1. We absolutely cannot start any work without your agreement via our Quotient app.  One reason is so we’re agreed on the work we’ll do for you, but also, our insurance doesn’t pay out if we get caught in a freak napalm incident while conducting our services for you, without a signed agreement.

2.2. We reserve the right to say no to some work that you might want us to do. We’ll give you a good reason for saying no, though.  We’re not petulant children.

3 Key obligations

3.1 Of Draper Cormack Group (that’s us)

3.1.1 We will do our job and finish it properly with as high level of skill and care as we can.  We will ensure our work is of a high standard that you’d expect from an experienced supplier of public relations services. We will keep you informed of the project’s progress, so you know where we are up to with tasks and how well we’re doing. Sometimes work levels can change from what we originally expected, and so in this case, we’ll scope out any changes during the project and submit a change request.  We will invoice you promptly (within 5 days of month-end), and we’ll make sure that any materials we produce are decent, ethical, honest and truthful.

3.2 Of the client (that’s you)

3.2.1 We need you to co-operate with us and do the things we ask of you in a timely manner.  Especially in the fast-paced arena of media relations.  We respectfully need you to commit to interviews we arrange that we have agreed on, and decide on opportunities quickly.  Sometimes we’ll need other information from you and we ask that you work with us for the success of your business goals and make our calls and meeting requests a priority.

We need you to follow our instructions.  Just like the safety video on a flight, we need you to trust us to do our job properly.  That might mean we’ll need you to undertake media training, or maybe we need you to not make a comment on an issue.  For the sake of your personal and company brand, we might need you to change some of your tactics.

4 Liability

4.1 We will not be liable for negative outcomes.  We will guide you and your business to the best of our ability using our experience and skill, but we cannot be held responsible for any negative press, loss of sales, damaged reputation or anything else deemed a negative outcome.  This one is important because while we do not expect anything negative to fall out from our work, we don’t have a crystal ball, nor do we control the news media or how potential customers and stakeholders will feel about an activity.

4.2 We’re not liable for any physical damages to property or equipment.  As above, we’ll be gutted if something happens to your stuff, but we won’t be responsible for fixing it or replacing it.

5 Pay us on time

5.1 We’re a small business.  We have kids and mortgages and vet bills to pay, so when you hire us for any amount of work, our expectation is that you will pay your bills in a timely manner.  If you find yourself in a situation of not being able to pay your bill, please talk to us to sort something out.  Running for the hills almost never works and we’ll only just have to send in the heavies and no one wants that.

5.2 If you find your Limited Liability Company has gone a little pear shaped and you cannot pay our invoice, then your company’s directors are personally, jointly and severally liable of any unpaid bills from us. It’s a ghastly situation when your business isn’t doing well, and we’re truly sorry for you, however, as stated in 5.1, because we have kids and mortgages, we pass all unresolved debt on to our lawyer to take over the collection process.

5.3 To start some projects we require 25 per cent of the total fee up front. The rest of the fee will be invoiced at the end of the month, or directly after the project has finished if it's a quick job. Retained service agreements are billed one month in advance, and all other engagements are that we will invoice you within the first five days of the month, for the previous months' work. Payment is due no later than the 20th of the month unless otherwise agreed. We really are very thankful to you for respecting that.

5.4 If we have to spend our time chasing you for payment, you'll see a late payment fee tacked on to your account. This will be 2 per cent of the total amount you owe us. Have a look at clause 5.1 above for why we will be doing this.

6 Ending our working relationship

6.1 If for whatever reason you need to end your contract with us, we require a minimum of 30 days notice written in a "Dear John" letter format. This is so we can deal with our feelings of rejection appropriately and find some other work to replace yours. An interpretive dance at our office will also be accepted.

6.2 And if we're not wholly enjoying our work with you, or we feel we're not the right people to do the job you need, we'll regretfully let you know with the same 30 days notice, and help you find a better service provider. 

Thank you for respecting our terms of working. We're looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.