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In my career as a 'comms guy' I've worked in the private, public and NGO sectors.

I specialise in working on organisations' reputations, understanding where they're at and helping them to improve. I have developed communication strategies for major multinational organisations, political parties and smaller local businesses.

Through my work and play time I've built up excellent relationships with a wide range of reporters throughout the country; and my work in politics has provided me with strong networks with those in Parliament.

I have experience as a communications consultant, a director of policy and communications and have managed teams. Talk to me now about how I can help you make your reputation shiny and beautiful!

Lou Draper

My career as a PR expert and marketer spans around 18 years, ten of those focused on media relations. I’ve worked in-house for corporates, agency-side in boutique public relations firms, and as a business owner for the last eight years in my own agencies - rockstar PR, LOUD in Public and now with David at Draper Cormack Group.

I’ve grown up in an entrepreneurial family where no-one has a regular job. As such, I’ve gone through all the business pains you can probably imagine and then some. I enjoy coaching businesses and individuals on how best to tell their stories in an arena where they’ll get the most use. Sometimes that’s mainstream media, often it’s as owned content, or contributor content elsewhere - there is a home for every story.

Reputation is hugely important to me and coaching people how to elevate their personal brands for the good of their careers or success of their business is hugely rewarding.

Our story

In August 2015, Lou’s second child came down with an illness that required a hospital care. As a self-employed PR specialist, Lou needed to take time out to look after her tiny 5-week old son. David was about to start working in Parliament but had some time before that happened. In need of someone to look after her clients, Lou asked David to step in.

Impressed with his work ethic, connections and ability to help her clients with whatever they needed, Lou was keen on David joining her in creating a reputation management firm but David was already on his way to Parliament.

Six months later and David couldn’t shake the idea of being his own boss. At a coffee catch-up with Lou, they started talking about what a new business could look like. Lou put an offer down that was too good for David to refuse and the Draper Cormack Group was born.

Both David and Lou are hot on helping their clients get the best out of their organisations through all facets of communications. They both know that reputation is one of an organisation’s most important assets, but it’s also one of the most overlooked. While you may invest in backing up your server, or pay good money for the newest technology, have you invested in your reputation?

A broken computer can be sent to a repair shop and come back good as new in a few days, but a damaged reputation can take a lot longer to repair and do a lot more damage to your organisation. The Draper Cormack Group is here to help you understand what you and your organisation’s reputation is, and then to set it at the level you want it.